Taadin Data Methodology

We help organizations to start benefit from their data instantly


Taadin Data Management Platform can help organizations to start benefit from their data instantly with the minimal cost and with the most efficient way. Taadin Data Management Platform and Taadin CCIMM™ Methodology can transform the way organizations thinks about their data, Here’s why:

  1. Delivers solutions that seamlessly integrate with self-service BI tools.
  2. Handles all types of data – relational and non-relational with one query model.
  3. Provides in-memory performance for data at all scale (TB to PB).
  4. Delivers solutions on-premise (software, reference architecture, appliance) or in the cloud.


Taadin CCIMM™ methodology:

Scalable and flexible data management for end-to-end data movement

  1. Customized reusable templates to reduce data integration and cleansing process.
  2. Reliable engine supporting scaling up with minimal investment being hosted in the cloud.
  3. Out-of-the-box cross industry granular level data models to support different business use cases inside any organization.
  4. Build the enterprise golden record repository for unified and trusted decision making.